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Remain true to our original aspiration with nonstop journey
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Remain true to our original aspiration with nonstop journey(圖1)

The south China is entering into Autumn with cool wind as north China has entered into cold winter.Our engineer Mr. Xiang is carrying out an important task at Guanzhou Baiyun International airport at midnight, to deliver special maintenance tools of PG9171E gas turbine for custom.

Time is money, efficiency is life. In our company`s philosophy of “adhering to all customer-centric, all results-oriented; urgent customer urgency, thinking of what customers think”, when we knew the customer`s situation of lack of a special tools for dismantling GT generator, NTPS immediately dispatched and supported the emergency and perfectly connected with the Pakistani project to solve the urgent need to ensure the completion of the on-site dismantling schedule.

In this typical case, there are GM Mr. Wei`s overall planning, corporation between departments, detailed communications with clients, and the whole way of delivery with cars and air plains......  

Riding alone for thousands of miles only for the sake of the original intention. we insist and firmly believe that only taking every step of the present road on the ground, integrating knowledge and practice, we can complete the company's core values to build a better future.

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